Summer 2014
Tough beans!

We're planting onions. So many onions.


It's not only the planting, but sorting out the different sizes that inevitably arrive with our order. They're not all suitable for picking full size, so all these bundles have to be sorted through to find the best ones to plant right now. The smaller ones will go in last and probably be picked as the first spring onions. The rest will be left to size up with nice round bulbs.

Tom's very precise about spacing and has a system for each crop to make sure it's got enough room to grow. These beds are set up using just a simple rake and some pieces of plastice tubing. Voila--evenly spaced plants.


Six beds are in and 3 more to go. Most of the 10,000 plants will be in the ground in the next day or so. Whew!

Also happening this week has been seeding flats for tomatoes, peppers (bell & chile) and eggplant, and cutting seed potatoes. More plants to go in the ground for greens and lettuce tomorrow and Friday. Can't wait to see the sun again!


Brother Jim

Onions look awesome!

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